High Speed USB Interface

N2PK setup


Board Layout
EZ-USB FX2LP Development Kit

Cypress USB uStudio

Modified CyUSB.inf

FX2 Commander


This board was part of the Software Defined Transceiver. A Cypress CY7C68013A provides a high speed (480Mbps) USB 2.0 interface and an 8051compatable microprocessor. The design has been ported over to KICAD. The board is compatable with the N2PK VNA. All of the I/O pins are broughtr out to connectors.

The processor program memory is RAM. The program can either be loaded from the USB port or can be loaded from the on-board EEPROM.

If you are going to use the board with the N2PK VNA, download the setup file from the left. For general purpose use do the following:

Download the Cypress USB uStudio and install. Download the modified CyUSB.ini and replace the original with the modified .ini. On the default installation it is located at C:\Program Files\Cypress\USB Development Studio\Driver .

When you plug in the board the first time you will get the "found new hardware" dialog. Point it to the modified CyUSB.ini. This will install the driver files. The board will now show up in the CyConsole program.

To test the board, download FX2 Commander. This contains a board firmware program and a Windows program that you to set or clear bits on the board output ports.