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The BPF board contains 6 Band Pass Filters.  Each can be up to 7 element Cheb.  or elliptic in complexity.  Coils can be any size from 0603 to 1810.  The schematic shows my design for six 7 element filters designed for a general coverage receiver from 1.8 to 30 MHz.  The filters are selected by 3 CMOS control lines.   In addition, the board has transformer input and the control and RF grounds are joined at a single point. 

I designed a set of 6 Elliptic Band Pass Filters to cover 1.5 MHz to 30 MHz using The Filter Program by AADE . The design files can be downloaded as 1 zip file by selecting the link on the left.

The production boards are now on hand.

With the exception of T1, all parts are available from DigiKey. Most of the coils are also available from Coilcraft. The Coilcraft coils appear to be higher Q coils and should produce lower insertion loss.

T1 is available from MiniCircuitsLab. Note that there is a huge price break at QTY 10. Buying 10 costs LESS than buying 2!

The BOM multisource spreadsheed contains parts lists from Mouser, DigiKey, Farnell-UK, Coilcraft, and Mini-Circuits Lab. The Mouser and Farnell lists include all capacitors, inductors and resistors. The DigiKey list also includes the IC's.

I just uploaded a new complete set of Measurements on all 6 filters plus a thru 50 ohm line and an open position. Measurements include forward and reverse Transmission and forward and reverse Reflection. These measurements were made on a board NOT in a case. I just added Transmisson measurements over a narrow freq. range for each filter. I have also included graphs showing adjacent filter responses.


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Digikey BOM for upload All parts except T1
ADT1-1 T1